Capture It Forever

Capture It Forever02-20-2011
“I can’t believe how wonderful everything turned out! We had so much fun doing this, I had no idea it would be so beautiful and you would be able to get such detail. Thank you very much Dee”.

About Me

As a mum of two beautiful children, I know how fast children grow up. I wanted a memory of my children that would capture their tiny hands and feet at a precious moment of time forever and cherish the everlasting memory. I had life casts of my children’s hands and feet made and custom framed forever. The children and I are always amazed every time we look at their tiny hands and feet at how small they once were. It’s a treasured memory that we will always have.

I wanted to help other parents capture this memory forever before it just faded away. We all know our children are only babies once. So I decided to learn to do casting and give other parents a gift of a lifetime to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Don’t let this precious time pass you by without having a memory to help you recall how small your children once were. Let me help you cherish a treasured memory of your little ones, a 3D replica of every wrinkle, dimple or crease in their tiny hands and feet in a custom made shadow box, or a life cast statue.

Call me now to create lasting memories…because they grow up so fast!

Life casting is not just for babies, no matter what the age life casting is for everyone.

Don’t let the memory just fade away…capture it forever!

Framed in Time